Webinar: Homepage Options, Sending/Receiving Files Without An Account, Legacy Switch (Jan 17, 2013)

Homepage options, sending/receiving files without an account, and Legacy Switch are some of the topics discussed in the January 17, 2013, Lightning Round Webinar. We’ve recorded it for you to view at your convenience.

00:37 — Question: “Request Estimate,” “File Upload,” and “Place an Order” options on the homepage
04:54 — Question: Sending/receiving files without an account
10:02 — Question: Directing/training customers to order online
11:45 — Ink Inc notification: CS5
12:34 — Quark Express and InDesign
14:08 — Waiting to go live
14:44 — Question: New contact placing an order for a company that already has an account
18:29 — Legacy Switch